Bobby Bones Show Live Podcast from Tucson, AZ

Fri Full Show: Tracy Lawrence Is On! + Concerns About Lunchbox’s Pee Stream

Tracy Lawrence is on the show talking about his new EP, his podcast, touring and recalls one of his favorite memories with George Jones and more! Then, find out why Bobby and Eddie are concerned about Lunchbox's pee stream and more!

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Use Protection Or No Protection: That's The Question

In this episode the guys discuss their preferences on using protection or no protection at their age. Earlier in life they were all about protection but now they think they're past using protection but might make an exception in this certain instance. We discuss the feedback we have received on the Facebook page and we ramble on about nothing trying to make the podcast interesting. 

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25W: LIVE From Tucson! + Bobby's Bad Investment + Arizona Head Coach Brent Brennan

The guys are in Tucson, Arizona after making the trip out west to film Too Much Access with the Arizona Wildcats football team, and Bobby talks about his bad investments on NFT's. Plus, Arizona head football coach, Brent Brennan, sits down with Bobby and Eddie to talk about his Mt. Rushmore of music, first year as head coach in the program, and much more! 


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Thurs Part 2: How Bobby & Lunchbox Met + Bathroom Confessions

Find out how Bobby and Lunchbox met over 20 years ago! Plus, Lunchbox is back with more bathroom stall confessions and more!

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Thurs Part 1: Amy's Scam Alert + Eddie's Expanding His Chicken Business!

Amy has a new scam alert she's warning people about! Plus, find out how Eddie might be expanding his Smokin' Hot Chicken business soon and more!

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Find the Work You're Wired to Do with Ken Coleman

Being unhappy at work impacts your mental health and Amy's guest, Ken Coleman, is here to help us clearly assess how we can find work that we're wired for! Ken is co-host of The Ramsey Show, host of The Ken Coleman Show and a bestselling author. He helps people discover what they do best so they can get unstuck and on the path to a meaningful life/career. The 4 things they talk through in this chat:
1. Self-Discovery, the beliefs we have about ourselves, and how the people you spend the most time with are either holding you back or pushing you forward

2. Finding the work you’re wired to do

3. How being unhappy at work impacts your mental health

4. Amy share's a listener email with Ken from a stay at home mom that wants to get more involved in finances, but she has a lot of fear and other emotions about money 

Ken's Books:

The Proximity Principle: The Proven Strategy That Will Lead to a Career You Love

Get Clear Assessment: Find the Work You’re Wired To Do 

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Ken Coleman // @kencoleman

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The Homeless Man + The Flood + A Pedi Cab = A Great Podcast

On this episode Ray relives his vacation to Charleston, South Carolina over the 4th of July. Ray opens up about surviving a flood and being scammed by a homeless guy on the streets in the French Quarter. Lunchbox got stuck at Navy Pier in Chicago with no way to get his kids back to the hotel so he had to take desperate measures. Plus we find out if Boomer won the Michigan State Championship for baseball. 

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Wed Part 2: Lunchbox's Gross Hotel Find + Amy & Lunchbox's Leg Rash Update

Find out the disgusting thing Lunchbox found in his hotel bed and what the hotel did to make up for it. Plus, we check in with Amy and Lunchbox on how their mysterious leg rashes are doing and more!

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Wed Part 1: Morgan's Man Met Her Family + Lunchbox Wants To Be Rewarded!

Morgan shares audio from her Maid Of Honour speech at her sister's wedding, plus her boyfriend 'the man in uniform' met her whole family, find out how it went! Then, hear why Lunchbox thinks he should be rewarded for something he did at the airport and more!

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