Brad of 3 Doors Down & Kevin of Candlebox Talk Collaborating Tour

Brad Arnold from 3 Doors Down and Kevin Martin from Candlebox stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their ‘Away From The Sun Anniversary Tour’ together, how they met and what fans can expect at their show.  

The ‘Away From The Sun Anniversary Tour’ came together after Arnold and Martin put on a show together last year and talked about the idea. They thought it was a good idea and the timing worked out, so the tour was born, and they couldn’t think of a better combo. It will kick off on June 14th in Baltimore and runs all the way through September 23rd in Sugar Land, Texas. 3 Doors Down lead singer, Arnold, said the shows they are planning are “next level” and it’s incredible to have Candlebox with them on tour since he’s been a fan of them since he was a teenager.  

The tour was named after 3 Doors Down 2002 album of the same name, which featured hit songs “Here Without You,” and “When I’m Gone.” Arnold said they are going to try and play some new music at the shows, but mainly want to focus on their old hits. Martin said he plans on sticking with Candlebox's hits too, and that he never really wanted to be a singer. He wanted to be a drummer but got stuck with the gig of lead singer and has been doing that since. He said when they released their first album, he didn’t know what he was doing and went through issues with his voice. Then he started drinking whiskey in 1998 and discovered it helped his voice. Looking back on his career, Martin is grateful for his hit song “Far Behind” and said it still feels good hearing that song because it’s paying his rent.  

Both bands now can call themselves a success story, but it wasn’t always like that. There were years when Arnold wasn’t sure if 3 Doors Down was going to make it. They were close to quitting, but then their song “Kryptonite” launched their careers and they never looked back. Martin had a similar experience, Candlebox came out right when grunge music was popular and that hindered their career a little. He said they were never considered media darlings and they had to beat the doors down themselves.  

Before leaving, they wanted people who might be on the fence about seeing the tour to know that it’s going to be the type of show you’ll be talking about long after you leave. And that they both haven’t been this excited about a tour in a while.  

‘Away From The Sun Anniversary Tour’ tickets go on sale this Friday (March 24) at 10 a.m. local time via Ticketmaster.  

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