Bebe Rexha Shares How “Meant to Be” Collaboration Happened With FGL

Bebe Rexha called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about how her collab with Florida Georgia Line happened and her halftime performance this Thursday during the NFL's Thanksgiving Day Classic in Detroit for the Lions vs. Buffalo Bills game. 

Rexha called in from France as she prepares to do an award show there. Bones asks her about her musical upbringing and how she got into making music her full-time profession. Rexa played the trumpet for seven or eight years, and even though she was first chair trumpet, she could only play the scale and maybe a song. She wanted to play piano, but in order to do that she needed private piano lessons and her parents couldn’t afford that, so she settled with learning the trumpet.  

Rexha’s most famous song is the collaboration she did with Florida Georgia Line called “Meant To Be.” It came together really last minute and described it as serendipity. She had a writing session in the morning that didn’t go well and felt really defeated when she got home. That’s when her manager called her and said Florida Georgia Line wanted to get in the studio with her to record a song together immediately. She went that night and when she got there, Tyler Hubbard, was also having a tough day. He told her that his wife said if it’s meant to be to write a great song, it will be. And that was the inspiration behind the song. The song came together in 40 minutes. That’s a tell-tale sign for her that a song is going to be good if they write it quickly. That next morning, she listened to it with fresh ears and thought they had something big. They finished it in the studio before Hubbard left on his flight. 

She is currently getting ready to perform at halftime during the Detroit Lions vs. Buffalo Bills NFL Thanksgiving game. She’s never done anything like that besides sing the Star-Spangled Banner so she’s super nervous. 

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