2 Year Old Adorably Mangles The National Anthem

It’s the national anthem as you’ve never heard it before: By a 2-year-old who makes up in passion what she lacks in pronunciation.

Chelsea Dellaca of Des Moines, Iowa, recently filmed her daughter, Maddy, singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” on her toy microphone. The toddler does a pretty good job of staying in tune, although she takes some liberties with the lyrics.

Maddy nails the “Oh say can you see” part, but follows it up with “by a doooot tur weee yight,” which, as far as we can tell, didn’t appear in any of Francis Scott Key’s writings.

Still, she gets points for patriotism, and for showmanship.

Maddy manages to finish the song despite nearly toppling from her step stool stage.

“Maddy started singing the national anthem in her brother’s room using his step stool as her stage, and I just had to take a video,” Chelsea told Caters News.



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