Facebook Shuts Off Robot After it Did This

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Researchers noticed that Artificial Intelligence they had created has started to make up their own code words.

Initially it looks like absolute gibberish, but it became clear that the machines – nicknamed Bob and Alice – were actually communicating with one another.

In a Frankenstein twist on their research, the robot abruptly stopped using English and could only be understood by other AI.

It comes after other AI developed in a similar pattern elsewhere, like when Google Translate invented its own language.

The so-called ‘neutral network’ started translating phrases easier using it’s own language, according to the New Scientist.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/07/31/facebook-robot-is-shut-down-after-it-invented-its-own-language-6818204/#ixzz4oW8Gt5Ub




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