10 of the Most Ridiculous Country Music Videos

Music videos: once upon a time, artists used to make money from them. Now? Not so much. At least not nearly as much as they used to.

But they’re still super helpful in getting new music out to fans and most artists still want to make them. Lucky for us, that leads to some pretty amazingly ridiculous videos.

What constitutes ridiculous? Well, sometimes videos are obviously meant to be funny — and they are, in a ridiculous way (see all of the Earl Dibbles Jr. videos for great examples). Sometimes, they’re meant to be funny and just come across as weird, in a ridiculous way. And sometimes they’re meant to be entirely serious and come across in the most ridiculous of ways.

Here are some of the most ridiculous country music videos since MTV popularized the concept in 1981.

Big & Rich — “Coming To Your City”

Thompson Brothers Band — “Back On The Farm”

Florida Georgia Line — “This Is How We Roll (feat. Luke Bryan)”

Rednex — “Cotton Eye Joe”

Scuzz Twittly — Keep Yer Hands Off My PBR

Junior Brown — “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead”

Keepin’ It Rural — “Funny Country Rap”

Earl Dibbles Jr. — “Merica”

Lisa Gail Allred — “3 Second Rule”

Saturday Night Live’s “Wishing Boot”

See the videos for yourself: Wide Open Country



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