Terry Crews Goes "Dancin' In The Country" With Tyler Hubbard

It's really hard to resist busting a move to Tyler Hubbard's new song "Dancin' In The Country."

Tyler just premiere the new video for the song and it stars Terry Crews showing off some of his moves. Crews plays the leader of a motorcycle gang who enters a bar and finds himself in a dance-off, bringing his signature energy and positivity (eventually) to the music video.

Hubbard says was a big fan of Crews before the video, and after spending time with him on set, he became an even bigger fan. “He came in and crushed it. He actually came in a day prior and learned a bunch of choreography and was just really super talented, learned really quickly and really did a great job on set…all the dancers did such a great job…the video is really probably one of my favorite.”

"Dancin' In The Country" is the follow-up to Tyler's hit single, "5 Foot 9", and both songs will be included on his upcoming self-titled debut solo album, which will be available January 27th.

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