Man Asks Date To Pay Him Back For Meal After She Refuses Second Date

Many of us of been there. You meet someone on a dating app, go on that first date, but sparks just don't ignite.

This happened to Lucy, who went out with Elijah to Chipotle, after meeting on Hinge. Lucy turned him down for the second date and here's what happened next:

Would you pay him back or laugh him off?

I understand money is tight in today's world but in my opinion, you have to assume you may not get the second date, and this is just the cost of going out. And I mean, come on, Chipotle? It's not like he took her to a 5-star restaurant. Nothing wrong with Chipotle (I love going there for lunch), but Elijah can't afford to lose $13 on a meal, then maybe he shouldn't be asking girls out on dates!

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