SCAM ALERT: Beware the free thumb drive

finger pressing red key labeled SCAM ALERT on computer keyboard

Photo: Getty Images

A free USB drive could end up being more costly than you’d think. The FBI says if you get a free USB drive in the mail that appears to have come from Amazon, or the Department of Health and Human Services and claims to contain COVID-19 guidelines, it’s actually from a group of hackers that calls themselves FIN7.

The group stole millions of credit card numbers from restaurant and hospitality chains in 47 states, and the hope is these packages containing the USB drives might hold physical evidence that could lead authorities to the hackers. A past study showed that people will stick a free or found USB drive into their computer, and so the hackers are trying to get unsuspecting people to do that, and then the drive can infect the computer with harmful malware or ransomware. 

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