The Best Regional Fast Food Chain In Kentucky

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Prepare your taste buds for a delicious road trip across America as Mashed unveils the best regional fast food chain in every state. From iconic burgers to crave-worthy fried chicken, the food lovers site scoured the nation to bring you the ultimate guide to each state's beloved fast food gem.

Before we begin, what even is a regional fast food chain? Mashed breaks it down:

"In recent years, the restaurant industry has changed to referring to fast food places as quick-service restaurants (QSR), and the new-ish hybrid of fast food and casual-dining restaurants (like Applebee's) is called fast casual. Where the definitions blur is with regional fast food chains, meaning a QSR that usually started out in a particular state as a mom-and-pop shop and gained a devoted following thus enabling them to grow."

In Texas, the best regional fast food chain is Indi's Fast Food Restaurant. Here's what Mashed said to back up its decision:

Yes, KFC did actually originate from Kentucky, but according to Esquire, the best chicken in the world is found at Indi's Fast Food in Louisville. Indi's has a handful of locations in Louisville and one in Lexington, and Indi's many fans agree that it's the best fried chicken around. Indi's focuses on fried chicken and wings — if you like hot and spicy, Indi's spicy chicken is the best — but you'll also find ribs, fried catfish and codfish, and other Southern favorites. And remember that Indi's famous potato wedges are not to be missed.

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