This Is The Best Italian Restaurant In Kentucky

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You don't have to travel across the globe to enjoy some delicious Italian food!

5 Reasons To Visit compiled a list of the best Italian restaurant in every state. Whether you're craving wood-fired pizza or gourmet pasta complete with a delectable glass of wine, this list, which was handpicked by the travel site's editors, does not disappoint.

The best Italian restaurant in Kentucky is Bella Notte in Lexington. Here's what 5 Reasons To Visit said to back up its decision:

Welcome to Bella Notte! Seasonal, fresh dishes, Smashing Tomato’s authentic pizza, and the creative flavor combinations are owed to the diversity of experience Chef Kevin brings to the table—literally. A locally-owned original, Bella Notte of Lexington, Kentucky focuses on quality, fresh ingredients, and preparation that enhances natural flavor, allowing ingredients to speak for themselves.

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