Is An Alligator Lurking In This Kentucky Pond?

Photo: Getty Images

Officials are warning that an alligator could be lurking in one Kentucky pond.

The Courier-Journal reported that a fisherman in Marshall County saw an alligator in a pond in Mike Miller Park. Now, park officials are investigating.

Britney Hargrove, the county parks department director, said, "We spent a couple of hours out there but were not able to see anything. After talking to the person who saw it, he was a very credible source, and he says that he got a very good look at it."

The Marshall County Parks Department posted about the possible sighting on social media, writing:

The Marshall County Parks Department has received a report of a possible alligator sighting in the pond at Mike Miller Park. Park staff, KY Dept of Fish and Wildlife and the MC Sheriffs Department have been on scene and have been unable to confirm the sighting at this time."

Hargrove said, "Our initial thought is, if this is in fact an alligator, it may have been a situation where someone had it as a pet, and it got bigger than they thought and then they decided to release it. That is our most logical conclusion of how it could have gotten there."

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