Video Shows Kentucky Daycare Worker Taping Child's Hands Together

Photo: Getty Images

Some Louisville parents are now wondering how safe their really children are while at daycare after learning that their young daughter's hands were taped together by an employee, reported KKTV 11.

Nina Colvin and her husband Chris Colvin have a four year old daughter who attends Outer Loop Child Care. Nina said, "She's adorable, she's sweet, she's kind."

Nina explained that one day, her daughter's normal bubbly personality seemed off. "She said ‘Mommy, Miss Miah tapped me up today.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ She said, ‘No, like taped me up.’ She did, like, tape around her arms."

Surveillance footage confirms that an employee bound the young girl's hands with tape during nap time. It also shows the person kneeling on top of a table and missing a shoe.

According to the Colvins' attorneys, the child's hands were bound for about 40 minutes. Nina said, "It changed her personality. She's terrified that somebody's going to hurt her again."

The worker was fired immediately, but the Colvins found out that she has a history of previous arrests and citations, including multiple counts of prostitution, possession of marijuana, and invalid license plates. Chris said, "I would not have hired that woman."

The employee was arrested and found guilty for binding the child's hands.

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