Kentucky Jeweler Gives Woman's $6,200 Wedding Ring To The Wrong Person

Photo: Getty Images

One Kentucky woman is left with an empty finger and a hole in her heart after a local jeweler accidentally gave her wedding ring to another customer, reported 14 News.

Jessica Piper took her ring into the jeweler for a small repair, and she hasn't seen it since. She said, "My husband went in and said, 'I'm here to pick up my wife's ring.' And they said, 'We don't have a ring. Someone picked it up.'"

The couple filed a report with the Bowling Green jewelry store and contacted local authorities. Piper said, "After the investigation through the jewelry store, we figured out one of the employees just made a mistake."

This big mistake cost a whopping $6,200 and a ton of sentimental value. Piper said, "They gave our ring to someone trying to pick up their own ring."

The person who received the ring by mistake never brought it back to sort out the problem. Instead, the ring was sold through a social media site.

Piper explained, "We were told that he took the ring home, and I guess he and his wife separated or divorced, and he sold it through Snapchat."

Piper explained what happened on social media, and the post now has over 1,000 shared. She's hoping someone will be able to help locate it.

"Everyone’s devastated, and everyone’s always asking me about it. Social media’s been my biggest supporter," said Piper. "I would love to get it back. It means so much to me. I said our vows over it, and I intended to have it until I was no longer on this earth, so I’d love to get it back. I’d do anything to get it back."

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