People Country recently talked with Luke Bryan about what he does and doesn't do and according to Bryan, he's an impulse shopper. He shared, "Impulse shopping is a quirk of mine. When I want to buy something, I can't relax until I buy it. If I see an old farm truck I want on my farm … that's it, I want it. When I moved to Nashville, I didn't have much money, but I wanted a new guitar and I felt like this one guitar was the one to have, so I dropped, like, two grand on this high-end guitar and it was damn impulsive considering I didn't have any money. I've gotten better, though. I wouldn't say I like to shop a lot, but when I go out, I get it done and I know what I want." Luke also admitted that he does love them sweets, saying, "I love my sweets and my cupcakes. I'm pretty careful about what I eat, though. I've had to do that lately. In my 20s, I used to not watch what I ate and snap my fingers and lose weight, but now I have to really watch and exercise on top of that. I get up in the morning and I do about an hour and 15 minutes of cardio. I don't really do a lot of weights to put on muscle mass, I just want to be slim."


Brad Paisley tells Billboard magazine this week that his upcoming album Moonshine In The Trunk, has a bit of everything on it and will hold its own against todays kind of country music. He says, "It’ll fit in. It feels like modern honky tonk music to me. There’s a lot of alcohol and a lot of talking about the weekend and a lot of celebrating what is right in life in spite of whatever is going wrong. That’s kind of what honky tonk music always was. That will never die. That’s who we are as a format. It’s just new ways to say it. You look at (album opener) 'Crushin' It,' that’s completely at home on today’s airwaves. This is my version of what this stuff is, but it’s still not what you would technically call hip hop."


The guys from Rascal Flatts - Gary, Jay and Joe Don - admit they are ultimate "road dogs" and like to stay on the road touring for fans as much as possible. The guys told Access Hollywood, "When the bus stops when can usually take a good nap in the afternoon. When we’re on the road, we don’t even go to on stage until 9pm. And, when you’re traveling, you’re in different time zones and you’re just trying to find some kind of normal. The fans get us through the shows. They make it wonderful for us to be able to get our energy up to the show." Jay DeMarcus said, "We’ve got some catering on the road. We’ve got a personal chef that will make us whatever we need to fit our needs but it’s really tough on the road. I do most of my workout regimen when I’m home because it’s tough to have some consistency when you’re on the road. But you’ve got to get out – and we will try and play some golf."