Tim McGraw recently addressed those pesky divorce rumors that seem to plague the tabloids every week about he and wife Faith Hill. McGraw told Canada's ET, "Since we've been together, we've been getting divorced the next year. The only time it becomes something, it doesn't upset me but it makes me take pause, is when you have kids and when your kids see something in a supermarket line or they hear something from their friends." The current issue of The Star says Tim and Faith are headed for divorce.




The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum will unveil an exhibit highlighting Alan Jackson’s 25-year career on August 29, 2014. "Alan Jackson: 25 Years of Keepin’ It Country" is slated to run through March 2015. Additionally, Jackson will be the museum’s next Artist-in-Residence, delivering unique, intimate performances later this year—making him the first artist to be the subject of a museum exhibit while serving as Artist-in-Residence. Museum Director Kyle Young says, "This exhibit will be a rare treat for museum visitors. Fans will recognize artifacts from milestone moments in Alan’s career, as well as items from his life away from the stage that are as personal as many of the songs he has penned over the years. This exhibit and his Artist-in-Residence shows this fall are not to be missed."



Randy Travis’ new album Influence Vol. 2: The Man I Am due August 19 is now available to pre-order on ITunes. Travis says, “We had such a great time putting together Influence Vol. 1, but there were still so many musical heroes of yesteryear that I learned from and wanted to honor. We had no choice but to release a second volume. The “Influence” that the older, great ones had on me, and the “Influence” that I may, somehow, have on the ones that come along after me, is God’s way of allowing us to pay it forward. It is my prayer answered—and, His will done—it is what makes me, “the man I am." Travis and his music have been a major influence to other country artists throughout his celebrated career. On Influence Vol. 2: The Man I Am, Travis again pays homage to some of the songs and artists that were instrumental in crafting his musical career.