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Rory Shares Video of Joey's Humble Beginnings

In his latest blog post, Rory shares a video that was first sent to CMT as an audition for "Can You Duet" which eventually launched Joey+Rory's career. In the video, you see Joey working at a...
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PHOTO: Thompson Square Baby Born

Thompson Square just shared the first photo of their baby boy, Cooper! Congrats to them & we are so happy everything went ok!   We're so excited to be able to share...
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Joey Feek: Inconsolable Saying Goodbye to Friend

In his latest post about wife Joey Feek, Rory describes a goodbye with long-time friend Julie. Joey met Julie about 7-8 years ago & as Rory would describe she is "their biggest fan." Joey...
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Joey Having "Serious Talks With Jesus" As She Nears End of Battle

Rory shared a post on his blog  that is the most heartbreaking part of their story yet. As Joey's battle with cancer seems to be coming to an end, Rory & her family are...
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PHOTO: Miranda Lambert Shares Cuddling Photo With Anderson East

Miranda Lambert shared a snuggling photo with her new musician boyfriend, Anderson East! Looks like all the rumors are true!   The snuggle is real... @andersoneast...
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Joey + Rory Update: Christmas Comes Early!

In the latest on Joey Feek, it seems that Christmas came early to the country singer as she battles cancer at home. Joey entered Hospice care a month ago after ending her treatment in October...
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Most Played Country Songs in 2015

Which song got the most airplay in 2015?  Check out the list in's Country Update!  [FULL LIST HERE]   Photo by Getty Images
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Joey Feek Shows Strength Getting Out of Bed

Joey Feek shows incredible strength while battling cancer in front of her family by getting up and taking a stroll on Friday. The singer, 40, has been bed ridden for weeks now & was told she...
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PHOTO: Carrie Underwood's New Look

Carrie Underwood showed off a new trim. What do you think?   Gave @carrieunderwood fresh new cut !!! A photo posted by Melissa Schleicher (@melissaschleicher) on...
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WATCH: Adam Levine Caught Blake Shelton Warming Up His Voice

Adam Levine tweeted out a video of his fellow judge on "The Voice" warming up his voice. He makes some strange sounds!   Yup, caught him on tape. @blakeshelton...
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