Casey Kasem is in critical condition as he continues to battle an infected bed sore.  In a written statement, St. Anthony Hospital spokesman Scott Thompson says the ailing radio legend is on I-V antibiotics, blood pressure and pain medication while he's being treated for the wound.  Thompson says Kasem is "alert" and "appears comfortable." 

He arrived at the hospital in Washington state with the injury on Sunday.  Thompson adds that he was directly delivering the update on Kasem because "misinformation" has appeared in the media.  A  rep for Kasem's children says Casey's daughters are currently with him, while his son is on his way. 

Kasem's children have been involved in a dramatic personal and legal battle with his current wife, Jean, over both his care and access to the star.  Last Sunday, Jean threw raw meat at Kasem's daughter Kerri after Kerri showed up with paramedics at the home where Kasem was staying.  After a second ambulance was called, paramedics were allowed to take Casey to the hospital. 

Photo Credit Getty Images